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NOTAMs, the traditional way to keep "Airmen" informed of current, changing and pertinent information are posted here, (most recent NOTAMS at top):


#09-11    Friday, December 11th -- Canadian Forces Christmas Party

Friday, November 13th -- Canadian Forces Fall Mess Dinner--  
              at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort
#09-9     Wednesday November 11th -- REMEMBRANCE DAY

#09-8    FREIMUTH's PARTY--   Saturday,  October 3rd, 5:00 P.M.
             Carol will be in touch. Pay attention to her requests.

#09-7    Friday   October 2nd. CANAM GOLF TOURNAMENT-- 
            Contact Bob Freimuth if interested.  576-6988

#09-6     Sunday September 20th, 2:00 P.M.
             The Retired Enlisted Association,  834 Emory Circle
              Preferred dress-- Blue Blazers & Medals

#09-5      September 12 -- Bill and Charlenes Annual bash, great Time in spite of marginal WX

#09-4   25 Jul Nancy and Peter's, (more to come) A Great Get-To-Gether

#09-3   5/6 Jun Pikes Peak Scale Model Exposition  (details in News Letter)

#09-2   29 May, Regular Force "Dining In"  (details in News Letter)

#09-1   25 Apr,   Wing Get-together, El Padrino Restaurant, SE corner Northgate and Voyager Parkway. 5PM for 6.  Call Carol or Val

#25   14 Mar: 18 Members enjoyed dinner at Airplane Restaurant. (details in News Letter)

#25 Watch for details on 7 Nov Mess Dinner.

#24  Next Meeting at Art and Carols 25 Oct 08; see Val's e-mails for particulars.
#23 Battle of Britain Commemoration was a great Success. See Pictures in Battle of Britain link.

#22 Comming up next . . Battle of Britain . . . Sunday, 14 Sep 08.  This is our signature event it would sure be nice to see a great turnout.  More to come in News Letter and e-mails.

#21 You wouldn't Buffalo us would you? Well Bill and Charlene did and it was great!

#20  Fun and good times were had by all in the Garden at Peter and Nancy"s.  We also got to meet MCpl Matt Dubois our new CF Liaison.

#19 The Canada Day Garden Party was a super success.  Our members once again enjoyed this event hosted anually by our "3 Maple Leafer" and the active duty NORAD CF.

#18 The 2008 CANAM came off without a hitch, that is unless you consider weather a factor.

#17 A great time was had by all, (except posibly by Sue), at Jim's.  thanks Jim for a great day.

#16 Stay tuned for 1July, Info. 971 Wing will present the Canadian Community Service award.  There is still limited time to make a nomination.

#15 Now for a "quick turn around"  we will get together again at Jim Berwicks on  7 June;  NOTE the early 3PM 4PM start time.  See you all there.

#14 We were the guests of Gerry and Yvonne for a wing get together on the 24th of May where about 40 of us had a great time thanks to the Robatailles!

#13  Thanks to help from ENT Federal Union, The Air Force Association of Canada, an anonymus friend, our Wing and its members we were able to be represented by 20 of our stalwart members for this auspicious occasion.  It was a great night bringing back many NORAD memories and moments.

#12  The 50th Jubilee of NORAD is coming.   Check for the latest info under the "Links"  page and click to get the whole story! The Wing is looking forward to being represented by a number of our long in the tooth NORAD members, (more news to follow soon).

#11  971 Wing had 8 of us at the "Canadian Spring Mixed Dining-in" and a good time was had by all.  Consul General Dale Eisler gave an entertaining and informative look at Canada's close financial and business ties with the US, after being introduced by Lieutenant General Bouchard who used the occasion to remind all of the traditional celebration of the Royal Canadian Air Force Anniversary that the dinner also represented.

#10  Thanks Lew and Judy for a GREAT time, it sure helped 51 "Wingers" lift their spirits in a wintery and otherwise eventless January!

#9  It's time for "The Wing" after Christmas party.  Lew and Judy hosting. Bring a gift, not to excede $10 in value, only if you wish participate in the gift exchange; mark it man or lady.

#8  Each year 971 Wing donates $100 to the Kuseler Campaign.  The following note taken from the CF Newsletter is provided here for your information.

2007 KUSELER CHRISTMAS CHEER FUND Once again it's time to launch the fundraiser for the Kuseler Christmas Fund Campaign. Traditionally the Canadian Forces personnel in Colorado Springs, through the Kuseler Christmas Fund, collect non-perishable goods and money for a selected charitable organization. The Kuseler Christmas Fund grew out of the efforts of Chief Warrant Officer Bill Kuseler, a Canadian Forces member, whose charitable efforts in 1988 have evolved into an annual Canadian community event. This year the recipient of our campaign will be the CARE & SHARE FOOD BANK for Southern Colorado, a not-for-profit food bank. Your donations will support volunteer and community programs and the outreach efforts of various partner agencies that help by distributing food in neighbourhoods that the Food Bank cannot reach alone, providing thousands of meals and groceries to low-income people in southern Colorado. Most needed items include canned fruits & vegetables, boxed pasta, canned or boxed meals (e.g. chili,macaroni & cheese), rice, canned soup, canned tuna, peanut butter, boxed cereal, canned and bagged beans, canned tomato products and powdered milk. Request that monetary donations be made payable to the Canadian Forces Support Unit Fund. A $10 donation can be turned into up to 100 pounds of food. Non-perishable food items may be dropped of in the collection box located in the CFSU foyer. Also, a collection box will be available at both the Canadian Children's and Adult Christmas parties. An extra draw ticket for door prizes will be given for donations made at the Adult Christmas party. Individual pick up can be arranged through the Kuseler Fund Coordinator, Major Laetitia Richard at 474-3334 (work) or 597-1863 (home ). The holidays can be a difficult time of year for families already in need, sometimes forcing them to choose between paying bills and buying food. Your donation can help make a difference this Christmas. Best wishes: to all during this holiday season. I Kuseler Fund Coordinator, Major Laetitia Richard

#7   CF Christmas Party, We're invited. 15 December 2007, read all about it: XMAS Party

#6   Rememberance/Veterans Day Memorial Park Sunday 11 Nov, 2007, 11AM Please be there a bit early to allow time for parking etc. 

#5   Upcomming events: Annual Forces Mess Dinner and  Rememberance Day Ceremonies.  Stay tuned for details.

#4  Time for our October "get" together.  Our new "Veep"- Joan and HubbyJames will be hosting.  If you can not attend please let Val know!(576-6988) Regular start time 5:30 on Saturday, 6th Oct. Thanks to our new VP and her hubby a great time was had by 39 of our stalwart members.

#3      Commemoration of the BATTLE OF BRITAIN will take place Sunday, 16 September 2007 which will be followed by a brunch similar to last year at the Retired Enlisted Club. Please be in place by 1030 am. Location: East of Murray Blvd on Emory Circle (near the UPS building).
Thanks to all who attended, some pictures are included under special events link.

#2     General Meeting and Get-together at Bill and Charlene Champions, (in Elbert), directions in Valerie's E-mail; 1500hrs, (3PM) Saturday 18 August, 07
          Thanks once again to Bill and Charlene for a wonderful Day: great food, in a great setting, enjoyed once again by the whole wing!.